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Removing broken keys

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Broken keys in locks

Removing broken keys from locks Woolloongabba locksmith BrisbaneDo you have a broken key you need removed from a lock.  Our Woolloongabba locksmiths are very good at removing broken keys.  We have many specialised tools and methods for pulling out a broken key from a lock.  Not all broken keys come out easy.  Some keys need to be removed very carefully and care taken not to push the broken key further into the lock causing more problems.  While often times the broken keys can be removed easily by our locksmiths it is a risk if you try to remove it yourself.  The risk is that the key can be pushed into the lock, making it harder to remove.

Any lock can get a broken key.  Some locks are more prone to broken keys then others and care must be taken.  Roller doors are notorious for keys breaking.  The key can break if keys are left in the door and the door goes up or just by rolling up the door by pulling the key.  Garage doors can generally have smaller weaker keys then other locks and they do snap easier.

Security screen door locks are another common lock that keys get broken in.  Especially sliding security screen doors.  If the key is left in a sliding security screen door and the glass door is pushed closed, the glass door can catch the key and snap it off.  Always removing the key from the sliding door is a good idea.

When getting keys cut for locks that are at risk of snapping, choosing the right key blank can help.  Brass keys are more malleable then steel and aluminium keys and can bend back into shape if slightly bent.  Aluminium keys easily snap clean off although it does take quite a bit of force to break them.

When you need a Woolloongabba locksmith to remove remove a broken key phone us for a mobile Gabba locksmith to come to your business house or apartment.


Lockwood 355 Deadlock Gabba

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lockwood 355 deadlock

Weather a shop or a house, the Lockwood 355 Deadlock is one the most secure deadlocks made in Australia. Made by Lockwood, a name you can trust, a Lockwood 355 deadlock fitted to your door in Woolloongabba will give you many years of reliable service. When called upon to keep out the bad guys, the Lockwood 355 will deliver with strength making your doors as secure as they can be.

lockwood 355 deadlock sliding doorIf you have timber doors and frame or metal doors and frames, the 355 can be fitted. It comes standard with a strike that is suitable for both frame types. A wrap around strike is also available if required. When fitted to a wooden door frame, the screws penetrate deeply into the timber of the frame, using the frame’s strength to secure the door, not just the timber on the edge of the frame.

The 355 Deadlock from Lockwood differs from many other deadlock types. Other deadlocks have a bolt that slides into the frame of the door. The Lockwood 355 however, has 2 drop-down bolts that interlock with the strike. Once locked, the door and the frame can not be parted. This makes this lock suitable even for sliding doors!

Lockwood uses Kinetic Defence cylinders in it’s outer and inner cylinder. This is an anti lock bumping security cylinder that is a great upgrade from the traditional Lockwood 5 pin cylinder. The lock can be rekeyed to match other Lockwood locks and locks that work on a c4 key. Security doors, main door locks and many other locks can be placed on the same key as the 355 deadlock.

Lockwood 355 deadlock inside metal doorAn inside locking knob on the 355 is used to lock and unlock the door. The knob is lockable with a 360 degree turn of the key. Locking the knob, deadlocks the door completely and a key is required from the outside and inside to unlock the door.

You can even rekey the Lockwood 355 deadlock to a high security lock. The cylinders are easily replaceable and can be made to work on a registered key. This makes the Lockwood 355 suitable for large master key systems and shop doors.

If you require a lock for a gate, the Lockwood 355 deadlock might be a good choice. Depending on the function of the gate, the Lockwood 355 provides excellent security to both sides of a gate and is water resistant when fitted outside. Regular maintenance is required as with any outside lock.