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It is much more convenient to have all locks in your home or office keyed alike then to have a large bunch of keys. By keyed alike I mean to have all the locks working on the one key. Well it is possible to have locks work on the same key and there are a large variety of locks that can be made to work on the one key. Patio bolts, window locks, front door locks, foyer door locks, padlocks, letter box locks, garage door locks, security screen door locks and a lot more!

Lock cylinder to be keyed alike to front doorIn many cases all that needs to happen to have the locks keyed alike is to change the pins inside the lock. The pins in a range of locks can be set to the same combination so as to work on the same key. Sometimes a new cylinder might be needed to set the locks to the one key. Our Woolloongabba locksmiths carry replacement lock cylinders for most lock types found in Woolloongabba.

If a complete new lock is needed because the keys are incompatible, then we can supply and install the new lock as is required. Garage doors usually need a complete replacement lock to make them compatible with other locks in the house. The upgrade to your garage door lock will make the lock much more secure then the standard lock that was fitted when the door was installed.

If you are getting your locks changed or locks rekeyed, always ask weather they can be keyed alike. Usually it is not any extra cost then the standard fees incurred with a lock change. When your locks are all keyed alike you will no know how you survived for so long with a large bunch of individual keys.