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Buying a home or moving into a new house or apartment is an exciting time, but there can often be security risks when moving. The risk comes from previous tenants, builders, friends with keys, tradesmen and any number of people who have had access to the property.

Its so exciting to receive the new keys to your home! But the keys designed for security reasons. The keys’ job is to restrict access to your home. Having the only keys is paramount to your security.

Did the previous owners, tenants, tradesmen, care givers, family, friends, neighbours or cleaners return all the keys?

Not knowing who has the keys is why you need to have the locks changed when you move into a new home.

Changing locks or rekeying locks usually does not require replacing the whole lock. Our Woolloongabba locksmith can simply replace the pins inside the lock to match a new key. This process is fast and you keep the original lock. By not replacing the entire lock you save money as new locks do not need to be purchased and there is no fitting charge for new locks. A whole house full of locks can be changed fast and even made to work on the one key.

Insurance companies often require locks to be changed when you move into a new home. Even if they do not require locks to be changed, it is alwasys good practice. If you are broken into with no sign of forced entry, your insurance company might not honour their contract as a crime might not be detected.

Changing locks on your new house or apartment should always be done by a qualified locksmith. It may actually be illegal for a unqualified handyman or carpenter to change your locks. The security providers act in Queensland has toughened laws regarding keys and locks to avoid criminals acting as locksmiths and and security providers were causing problems for consumers. So it is best to always use a qualified locksmith when changing locks.

Garage door openers should also be changed when moving. Most garage doors lead directly into peoples homes. Changing the frequency code on the remote is important to assure no one else has access to your home. There is no easy way to tell just how many remotes were programmed into a particular door or gate.

Having your locks changed makes good sense. It is best to be on the safe side and not take the risk of having other people with keys to your home. The peace of mind knowing your property is secure is worth far more then the cost of having the locks changed.