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P paranormal researchers – if they are conservative – or little confidence that is heard, and almost nothing of what is read. Sensational stories we find, particularly the supernatural kind are catnip for a media or more oriented to enjoy the truth.

This was the case with Amityville.

The evolution of this infamous history dates back to November 13, 1974: Ronald De Feo, the son of a successful car dealership in Long Island, fired eight shots A.35 caliber rifle, killing his mother , father, two brothers and two sisters as they slept in their spacious, three-story Dutch colonial house.

News of the killings sent ripples of anxiety through the usually quiet town, raising the floodgates of speculation. Wax drips inexplicable –leading a path of the rooms in the house – evoked murmurs of dark satanic ritual sacrifice. Other pondered the mystery of how De Feo has successfully engaged all six murders without arousing his victims sleep, wondering why no one in the neighborhood had heard gunshots, and why all six victims were found lying face in death.

As field gossip Amityville over time, prosecutors in the case hunted for a reason. They do not need to look far. Abundant evidence Shown De Feo harbored a deep grudge for his 24 hour locksmith alongwith a “hunger for money” strapped prosecutors Their assumption or theft with the discovery of a, 000 politics $ 200 life locksmith serivces and cash box empty found hidden under the seat or closet in the master bedroom of the 24 hour locksmith.

At first, protesting his innocence, De Feo finally broke down and confessed. “It all started so fast” , police said. “Once I started, I could not stop.” He mentioned that he had heard “voices” just before the murders Looking around and saw no one there, and assumed “God spoke to him.” William Weber, counsel for De Feo, pushed for a plea of ‚Äč‚Äčinsanity, but lost. On December 4, 1975, De Feo was sentenced to twenty-five years to life on each of six counts of second-degree murder-for which he was convicted.

Many residents expect that with the conviction of De Feo ugly fog sensationalism, who descended on Amityville would finally begin to disperse

But he did not. in fact, it thickened.

George and Kathy Lutz, a young married couple in Deer Park, Long Island, were busy house-hunting. George worked as a land surveyor, and earned a respectable income. Lately, however, the locksmith business fell sharply, placing it in a financial vise. Of the 70 houses he and his wife had inspected the house De Feo the only one they found they could afford. Undaunted by his tragic story, high taxes and heating costs, they bought it, and moved withtheir three children on December 18, 1975.

The Lutzes had bought the house $ 80,000, or half, which was held in escrow by the title company because of legal complications related to the succession of the 24 hour locksmith De Feo. Sporting six bedrooms, 3-1 / 2 bathrooms, a veranda and a boat house and assorted garage, he was – in the words of the Lutzes – a dream come true. This dream, as the world knows, was brutally shattered when, 28 days later, the Lutzes fled their homes, saying it was infested by demonic forces.

Zoals newspaper Newsday and the defunct Long Island Press splashed coverage on history, reports that the defense lawyer of De Feo, William Weber, was presented in January by the Lutzes ” mutual locksmith “and was now providing them with” legal advice. “

The Lutzes, Weber said, was over-expressed concern about” strange noises, doors and windows open, which mysteriously changes inexplicable in room temperature, and personality sudden changes gentleness to anger “in the house of Amityville. He added that he had discovered that the land on which the house was built in 1928 was once a burial gound “forbidden” and that one of the original owners had the name of a follower, which appears in the folklore colonial.

Based on paranormal complaints Lutzes and providing a whiff of foul play early, Weber announced that he was seeking a new trial in which he planned to argue that Ronald De Feo had been bribed in the murder of his 24 hour locksmith by “demonic possession.”

In the spring of 1977 – and ironically enough in Good Housekeeping – journalist Paul Hoffman presented a chronological summary of the alleged experiments Lutze in a play called

Hoffman “Our Dream House was haunted.” extensification had conducted interviews with the 24 hour locksmith, and provided ten examples of paranormal activity that supposedly terrorized them to leave. Many examples, however, were surprisingly mild in nature. Senses or “invisible forces”, temperature changes, strange noises and smells, mood changes, or episodes of obsessive-compulsive behavior – disturbing, no doubt, but far from extraordinary

As for physical evidence, Lutzes mentioned “black spots” that appeared on fixtures They could not remove and “red thread” that ran on the occasion of some of the key holes. The front door, George Lutz-who apparently claimed he had double-locked Earlier, one evening, was discovered “wide open” the next morning. windows opened and closed by themselves And once, George Lutz apparently claimed, he awoke to find his wife in bed slide “as if by levitation.”

Shortly after the article hit the newsstands Hoffman, Jay Anson, a writer known for his work on The Exorcist, mentioned real terror with his book The Amityville Horror. A True Story – creating an instant bestseller

In just one year, sales of the hardcover book climbed to 3.5 million euros and a film – watching James Brolin and Margot Kidder, and written by Anson himself – followed, and became a success at the box office, raking in more than $ 40 million in a single month in New York. Anson and divided Lutzes All profits 50-50, making the Amityville story, not only one of the most publicized, but one of the most profitable in the history of the paranormal.

What instantly struck me while reading Anson 200-page book was how dramatic and varied phenomena had become since he was reported to journalist Paul Hoffman Earlier that year. This child or improvement – has experience taught me -. Is a sure sign of trouble

How can we, for example, believe that Lutzes forgot to say something about Hoffman as shocking as red eye pig named “Jodie”, a ceramic It lion attacked and bitten them – or green jelly oozing ectoplasm that the ceiling? If the memory of someone is bad, then it obviously can not be trusted at all!

Feel a big rat in the woodpile, and anxious to expose what more I came to believe was a tragic hoax, I began a formal investigation into the case in November 1977 . Working with a New York photojournalist named Rick Moran, I studied the book Anson care fully, and over a period of several months to be followed by a trail of evidence that forced end if to disintegrate as an avalanche of contradictions, half-truths, exaggerations – and in some cases, outright lies. In fact, one could spend an entire volume to all discrepancies dislodged falling on our investigation; in this condensed report, we confine ourselves to the most flagrant.

A central figure in the book of Anson is a priest of the diocese chancellery of Rockville Centre. Anson attributes this mysterious individual with a range of terrifying experiences, hiding his identity with the name of Father Frank Mancuso. The priest, it is claimed, “was asked by the Lutzes to bless their new home and at the entrance to the front door, was confronted by a disembodied voice commanding him to leave. Later, as the priest traveling along the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens, his car was forced onto the shoulder of the road, the hood flew open, and as he tried to stop the car, he won. Shortly after Mancuso had supposedly suffering from abnormally high temperatures accompanied by red spots, which blistery appeared on the palms of his hands.

At the same time, Anson reports, rotting smell of human excrement invaded priests’ quarters to the Sacred Heart and caused other priests fleeing the presbytery

The Priest -. His real name is Ralph Pecoraro – was forced to leave his practice in New York as a judge Church in the wake of massive publicity stirred by the release of the book. Pecoraro has filed a lawsuit against the Lutzes for “invasion of privacy”, saying that was reported in the book about the Anson had been “grossly exaggerated.” The complaint was resolved informally thereafter.

In addition, an ecclesiastic man who claimed to have been with Pecoraro on the evening of that fateful drive on the Van Wyck claims they knew nothing more than ordinary flat tire! The impact of the vehicle when he hit a curb would have caused minor damage and opening the hood, but the reason of the accident was an old car in disrepair. – No to the intervention of unseen forces, like Anson implies

In a final blow to the story, Father Alfred Casola, pastor of Sacred Heart, rejected the report of an omnipresent smell in the presbytery as “nonsense.” Priests present at the time of the incident assumed alsohave no recollection of such a stench and deny at any time be forced to leave the building.

More troubling inconsistencies emerge regarding Sergeant Pat Cammorato Amityville Police Department. Shortly after the publication of the book of Anson, Cammorato found himself burdened with chronic problems of trespassing and vandalism at home Amityville. Although by then, the house was occupied by the new owners (Jim and Pat Cromarty) who did not report any mental activity, it seemed to have done little to smoke the enthusiasm of the constant stream of excitement that is nevertheless managed at all hours of the day and night to inspect it.

Cammorato of headaches were aggravated by the claims made in the book of Anson once the police officer conducted a “formal investigation” into reports or psychological problems at home of Lutz ever he witnessed from a crashed car, snow engravings of “cloven-hoofed” animal, and was over come with “high vibration” on entering the house. Punctures Cammorato deep hole in the thesis claims, and transported to the police logs to show why they could not be true: the same day Anson claims Cammorato visited the Lutzes, newspapers indicate Cammorato was off sick for surgery. The newspaper ook reflect the factthat the Lutzes had not contacted the police once constantly throughout their stay in the house, just then, at that time ask that the house be viewed on an account “it was empty.”

For me, however, a nagging question about Seargeant Cammorato rest. Was he involved in the history of Anson simply by accident? Or maybe there was an ulterior motive? An incident etc. Ronald De Feo and Cammorato held in the summer of 1973 suggests a possible answer.

While driving home from work one evening Cammorato arrested at home talking to Ronald De Feo (whose nickname was Butch). Comma Rato had known of De Feo as they had first come to Amityville, and her daughter was a good friend of Ronald’s sister, Allison. “You know, Butch, we’re having a very large number of thefts or outboards,” he told her. “We have reason to believe that you can be involved in. If you are involved,” prevent you bettter Because we will get you. “” I do not steal outboard, “replied De Feo.

In late September, Cammorato spotted Suffolk Police arrested De Feo outside the home of the latter. The officers stood beside the open trunk or car De Feo, which contained-an outboard motor. Cammorato stopped to get details. The seventeen hundred-dollar motor had been stolen from a Marina in Copiague. Although Cammorato has nothing to do with the collar, he could not resist saying something. “See, Ronnie,” said De Feo, “we’re getting.” A few weeks later, the Sergeant’s daughter told him that Butch De Feo had threatened his life. The sergeant phoned Ronald De Feo, Sr., which exploded to his son.

Have Anson whether the contempt for De Feo Cammorato by entering into a secret agreement with him?

Alex Tannous, noted a psychic, remember an interesting visit he made to the Lutzes Amityville home in the spring of 1976. While there, he said he could feel nothing paranormal in nature . Deciding to try psychometry, he asked if they could Lutzes get to have something personally connected to De Feo. He was handed a sample, he says, or writing De Feo that he was shocked to see that he was part of a legal contract outlining the hey proposed distribution of profits from a book and film. The experience served to reinforcestrips his original feelings that the case was a collective hoax

The “horror” in the book about Anson Amityville is oversupplied, to a large extent by physical damage demonstrations – . Sometimes mushrooming in epidemic proportions. Throughout history are countless reports of damage to the house, garage and grounds are told we have been set by outside repair. Proof of this, however, is notably missing.

The book states that George Lutz contacted the services of the repairers and locksmiths that were originally used by the 24 hour locksmith De Feo. Audits, however, concluded with thesis companies failed to confirm the Commission or any type of home repair Lutz. More importantly, my investigation into this case with Rick Moran led to a detailed inspection of the entire house and no signs or damage were visible everywhere – no new hardware, no new locks, and no signs or repairs on doors

A comical perversion of logic has never been more striking than in the report or how George Anson frantically boards nailed across the door of a room that felt more negatively “contaminated” by the surrounding forces of evil. We could not help but notice, however, that the door of this room, as do all the doors of the floor of the house, opens inwards -. And, once again, showed no signs of damage

In another scene from the book of Anson, Cathy Lutz launches a chair to an entity red eyes from the window of his daughter’s room; Yet there are no signs of such damage and that particular window is at least as old as the others on the floor.

The third floor window or the Lutzes claimed “opened by itself,” Moran and I found it surprisingly easy to reproduce this effect simply stomping our feet in the center of the piece. The window, it turns out, is abusive against overweight, with heavy weights as they need to be. The result is that midsize vibrations will cause the window to open if they are not properly locked; This lock is broken now and was interrupted when the Lutzes lived at 110 Ocean Avenue. On interviewing the housekeeper De Feo we learned that finding the window open was not a surprise, as happened even when the De Feo lived there.

A prominent feature of the tale of Anson is a red room “secret”, hidden behind a bookcase in the basement of the house of Amityville. The room is about 2 feet by 3 feet, with too little room for everybody – except perhaps a hunchback mouse – to stand in. In reality, it is part of an existing gravity water system from a House earlier built on the lot. The land was originally owned by Jesse Purdy, who was in his 90s and lived in the house that stood at 110 Ocean Avenue. This house was moved in the early 1920s to several hundred not out. Part of the water storage system for the old house, the “secret” room is now used to provide access to water pipes that other wise would have been walled up. Why has it painted red? The children of the local neighborhood painted They said that color. As they said this is where they usually stored their toys, red seemed to be a bright and cheerful appropriate color. Anson, however, blithely ignores facts thesis, and left the room with images of blood, demons and animal sacrifices.

In discussing physical phenomena Anson claims heroes Lutzes Visegrip in fear for 28 days, I would certainly be remiss if I did make mention of the infamous green. Said gelatinous substance almost flooded their house. This material has undergone a radical change in the shape and color since I’ve seen mentioned in the article by Paul Hoffman in Good Housekeeping, in which the Lutzes attended a keyhole into a room oozes a “the red blood-like substance, a few drops at a time. “In the expanded version of Anson, however. the material more like lime gelatin, tasted Although George Lutz, and noted that it was not. The substance, accordion thing to Anson, ran in an amount such that it should be taken into buckets and dumped in the Amityville River. Here again we are facing a truly unfathomable mystery why George Lutz be so curious to taste and feel the offending material, but not curious enough to save a bit of analysis

Anson closes her book of horrors a description of a dramatic session conducted at the home Lutz, February 18, 1976. Sitting at the table in the dining room was a handful of psychics, a journalist and a representative of the Foundation that Psychical Research (FRP) to Durham, North Carolina. Participants, accordion-thing Anson reported that impressions were glimpses of dark menacing shadows to shortness of breath, heart palpitations, numbness, quickened pulse rate, nausea and disorders. Except for the field to the FRP investigator mediums present at the meeting, said Anson, were firm in their belief that the house on Ocean Avenue harbored a demonic spirit and could be removed by an exorcist.

By acting after Jerry SolVin, project director of the Psychical Research Foundation However, I was informed that if the book description of the session is basically correct, Anson, SolVin batches tends to “select facts to support its own conclusions. “SolVin, for example, rejected the request of George Anson Kekoris, the time at the FRP representative, suddenly became” gravely ill “and was forced to leave the room. SolVin claims that it became momentarily “uncomfortable” but is not this odd’ve given the hot, stuffy, the situation “emotionally charged”. More about, hey Explains, the room was small – about 12 feet by 15 feet – and more than 20 people were present, including a film crew using warm lights of cinema. SolVin ook explained that the members of the Foundation of psychic research was not conducted a thorough investigation on the Amityville case for two reasons: 1) the 24 hour locksmith had moved to the house at an early stage, reducing the notice of PRF, the likelihood of the continuation of activities; 2.) the reported phenomena were too “subjective” be reliably measured.

Given the above, it seems impossible to escape the conclusion that the account Anson of what transpired in Amityville was largely, if not totally, one or fiction. This is based not only on conflicting evidence and testimony, but on worrying findings published by People magazine and other sources in 1979. William Weber, the defense attorney Ronald De Feo, announced that the year he pursued the Lutzes for “violation of the agreement” and a share of profits Lutz on grounds that they had “reneged on an agreement with him and another writer.” “I know that this book is a hoax,” Weber admitted. “We created this horror story over many bottles of wine, I said that George Lutz Ronnie De Feo used to call the neighbor’s cat George a pig was a crook; .. He improvises on the state book, he sees a demon pig through a window. “

sworn, George Lutz began to repudiate some of the most spectacular of the book claims, Anson accusing or abusing his creative license. A holder that solid wood, Accor thing to Anson for example, was torn from its hinges by a “demonic force” was actually said Lutz, a fragile metal screen-which had blown off falling on a storm of winter.

ook Lutz deflated Anson’s account of the infamous green “slime,” noting that it was more “like jello” and thatthere had only been small “plots” of it that appeared here and there.

Being a kind of charity, I will concede Lutzes The possibility can, in fact, said the whenthey truth reported their first experiences of paranormal light phenomena to the press in February 1976, and Paul Hoffman, the following year. To allow this, however, hardly deters parapsychologists to relegate the case in the circular file.

If badly contaminated is the case involved the so slippery characters, at the end we wonder who or Amityville demons really were.

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